In our last blog, we took a look at weather and how it may affect your joints. Today, we want to move away from the theorizing and get into some practical things you can do to keep your joints happy. Though we all have to adjust with our bodies as we get older, there’s nothing worse than having to cut back on your active lifestyle or stop altogether because of joint pain. The good news is, there are things you can do to keep those joints going strong!

Take the right vitaminsdreamstime_xxl_59629328

  • You’d be amazed at how many issues can be fixed by nutrition! If you’re having joint pain, make it a point to include healthy fat sources in each of your meals. These are foods like olive oil, fish, coconut oil, and avocados. Why? Because the right balance of fat will keep your inflammation down. Additionally, it will equip your body to dissolve much-needed vitamins that are only fat-soluble. These are vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Vitamins D and E in particular have proven themselves to strengthen and soothe joints.

Stay away from irritating foods

  • If you have a food allergy, chances are good that you already work to avoid certain things. Make sure you are extra-vigilant about what you consume. This is especially important if you are training hard for an event. Just as good nutrition can boost your fitness, the wrong choices can undermine it.

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