In the past 10 years, ideas of fitness have definitely changed. What we used to be able to achieve through a workout VHS, crunches and running, has now evolved into a full-blown advancement in regards to the options that we have available when it comes to working out. We no longer are subject to running until we are tired, but at times the stigma of these other workouts can make them intimidating, and leave us with a specific mindset as we start a workout. One of the methods that we have seen evolve even in the last 10 years, is weightlifting.

This is a form of exercise that has lasted for as long as we can look back. It was first presented in the 1896 Olympics, and while it missed the following Olympics, the concept did not fade. Bodybuilding became one of the most commonly correlated stigmas to lifting weights. It was believed that if you lifted weights you would have huge muscles, and if you were a woman, you would look manly. As this became a more common form of working out, there were women that were scared to try lifting weights, and men that felt discouraged when their bodies didn’t look exactly like those movie stars we immediately turn to when we think of body builders.

While that was initially the case, we have seen a change. And it’s for the better. Here are a few of the reasons that participating in weight lifting, and doing so a couple of times a week, is incredibly beneficial.

Build Muscle

Lifting weights is used in order to create muscle, while cardio is used to burn fat. When the two are combined, obtaining goals can become more realistic. The combination also makes it much easier to stay engaged even as you continue the workouts. The benefit to this is that cardio, while it does burn fat and push your body, doesn’t create much muscle. When you lift weights you gain strength, thus building muscle. This one tiny factor has a whole list of benefits all of its own.

Muscle Fights Fat

When we’re talking about losing weight, the immediate thought process is that you will have to diet or do tons of cardio, but the truth is that you can burn tons of fat just by lifting weight! Muscle fights fat, and the only way to benefit from this factor is by having muscle that can burn calories long after your workout is done. Think of lifting weights as a long-term investment; it takes time to gain that initial strength, build the muscle altogether, and eventually get to the point where your muscle is burning fat, but once you get there it is extremely worth it.

Fight Osteoporosis

Regardless of who you are, you can count on your bones and muscle mass decreasing with age. This is something that simply happens and is pretty difficult to beat unless you stay on top of it. As females, it’s already pretty difficult to keep your bones and muscles from growing weak, but lifting weights is one of the best things that you can do to fight it. The more that you build your muscles and obtain that new strength, your bones too will grow in strength. It’s a pretty incredible result of a workout and one that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

These are only a few of the benefits that you will see, but we aren’t done covering them yet. The team at our fitness center in Houston has a few others up our sleeve that we’d love to share with you. Make sure that you check out our next blog post in the next couple of weeks, where we will cover additional reasons that weightlifting is so incredibly beneficial.