A powerful workout is fueled by energy, and if your body doesn’t have the energy that it needs to finish a workout correctly, then the chances of injury and a decline in motivation automatically increase. If you are struggling with finding the right type of snack to enjoy before your workout, there are a few different suggestions that we have that you can quickly throw in a gym bag and enjoy before hitting the weights or getting in your cardio sweat sesh.


This is one of the best snacks that you can have! They are loaded with nutrients, extremely light and give you the energy that you need before a workout. You can easily pair these with some peanut butter or yogurt if you’re in need of a little extra protein beforehand or it simply doesn’t fill you up enough. They make small dipping packages of peanut butter and smaller yogurt cups that you can easily carry, and that can keep your pre-workout snacks light.


Nuts are another great way to fuel your body before a workout. They are an incredible source of protein, and again, extremely light. For some, finding a snack in nut butter rather than straight nuts proves to be a better option. This can be paired with graham crackers, a banana, other fruit, or an English muffin. Make sure that if you do notice that this snack feels a little heavier, that you then tone it down moving forward.

Protein Bar

Another fan favorite when it comes to pre-workout snacks are protein bars. These snacks don’t expire for years, provide your body with tons of nutrients and are extremely light so that you don’t have to eat much before you start your workout. You can find these in a couple of different flavors so that you are sure you enjoy the snack you have.

snack2Fruit & Veggies

If you’re looking for something fresh and still light, you can cut up some fruit and vegetables that will fill you up, give you an extra spike in sugar and be light on your stomach. Some of our favorites are sliced cucumbers, cut up strawberries, grapes and carrots. Each of these is easy to throw in a little baggy, snack on while walking up to the fitness center or even munch on while driving. They’re all very light snacks and keep your calorie count low if that’s something that you’re focused on.

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