fitness-classIn our last blog post, we covered a couple of the reasons that you should really toss any fears that you have of joining a fitness class, to the wind. If you’re feeling especially motivated after reading this, then it’s time that you check out a few of the different classes that we offer here at Houston Gym. With our variety of classes, you are always able to try something new out, which is everything that you need to remain challenged and decrease the chances of ever getting bored. Here are just a few of the classes that you will continue to find on our exercise classes schedule.

Indoor Cycling

If you’ve ever been curious about how difficult it is to push yourself up hill on a bicycle, but are too scared to get out there on the roads and find out the hard way, this indoor cycling class is a great way to prep. This class is challenging, will keep you sweating and will push your body to new levels. Give your legs a burn that they’ve never had through this challenging class. While it may be away from the Houston temperatures, you will be sweating just as much.


If you’ve never tried yoga then you definitely to stop by and join in one of our classes. This is a class that is easy on the joints and great for flexibility. There are a few different types of yoga classes that we offer including Core yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and more. Each of these classes has something different to offer. If you are just a beginner, the yoga instructor will help you get into the right poses throughout the class so that you can confidently challenge your muscles and develop in different areas.

fitness-class3Boot Camp

For a high paced, challenging workout you need to try out our boot camp fitness class. This is a class that will have you making the most of well-known exercises like pushups and jumping jacks, at an extremely quick pace. This is one that you’ll wonder what in the world you were thinking afterward, but will have you coming back every time. Stop in and give yourself a new challenge!


There are few workouts that incorporate as much fun as Zumba does! Once you get dancing you’ll see just how quickly your heart rate goes up. One of the reasons that this workout is so incredible is that it continues to provide you with a fun workout that you will have a hard time finding boring, making it easier to commit to your fitness goals. Definitely stop in if you’re looking for something to keep you enthusiastic about fitness.

There are plenty of other classes that you’ll find at Houston Gym, and we’re just waiting for you to find one that provides you with all that you are aiming for! Make sure to stop by today and try any of them out, or ask one of our fitness instructors about any of the classes on the schedule.