Get a healthy boost and keep yourself from catching bugs!

After a long year of dealing with the pandemic and staying inside, it’s more important than ever to keep your immune system working well. Now that most people are back out in the world, catching bugs and viruses like the cold and flu are easier, but with a healthy immune system, you’ll be more prepared to fight them off and stay feeling great! Here are four of the ways your body gets stronger and keeps you healthier when you exercise.

Healthy Heart

Of course, everyone knows that a healthy heart is a great basis for great health, but boosting your heart health is also a great way to keep your immune system working at its peak! With regular exercise, your heart is worked as regularly as your other muscles, and helps to keep your circulatory system pumping strong. With a stronger heart to pump your white blood cells throughout your body, you’ll have a better chance of fighting off any potential bugs carrying the cold, the flu, or anything else. 

Better Sleep

Exercising regularly also helps regulate your sleep patterns for better, deeper sleep. This, in turn, helps your body heal itself more efficiently. Resting is the body’s best defense for healing and fighting off any potential infections, so when you’re sleeping better, deeper, and more regularly, you’re giving your body its best chance at healing. In addition to internal processes, better sleep means that you have more energy and brain power during your waking hours, which helps keep you functioning better in general. 

Better Bone Density

There is a marked link between exercise and increased bone density. This is important for your immune system because not only does this help keep osteoporosis at bay, but it also keeps your bone marrow healthy. Your white blood cells, the first line of defense your body has against infections, are created in your bone marrow, so by keeping your bones healthy, you’re boosting your defenses against sickness!

Intense Environment

The most important part of keeping yourself healthy is, of course, preventing bacteria from thriving in your body in the first place. When you exercise, your breathing, heart rate, and internal temperature are all elevated, creating a harsh, intense environment for any unwanted bacteria that may be present. When you’re breathing harder while exercising, you’re pushing out extra bacteria from your lungs. Your increased temperature also acts similar to a fever by killing off any unwanted bacteria present in your systems. 

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