Welcome back to the Houston Gym blog space. In our last blog post, we began to talk about some of the reasons that lifting weights is such an incredible form of exercise to participate in, as well as a few of the benefits to building muscle. Today’s post is going to build off of that, so if you haven’t read the last post, make sure to head back and check that one out first. If you have, then check out a few of these other reasons that you might want to consider adding lifting weights to your workout routine.

Improve Your Heart Health

Cardio is known for getting your heart rate up, but you would be surprised just how much lifting weights gets your heart going. It’s no surprise really that lifting weights boosts your heart health. When you step back and realize that your heart is a muscle, and lifting weights strengthens muscles, it makes plenty of sense. Aside from that, when fat builds up around your heart, you begin to have issues with blood flow and your hearts health, by building a strong heart, you are avoiding the chances of developing any heart issues down the road.

Better Balance

Strengthening muscle can be seen in a multitude of ways, one of them is your balance. If you struggle with standing up straight or holding yourself upright, then balance could be an issue that you should consider improving. One of the best ways to do that is by strengthening your muscles. Your form will allow for you to build muscle in all of the right places while gaining control of muscles you may have never even realized you had before. It’s truly incredible how beneficial this type of exercise can be to something as commonly used as balance.

Lean Muscle

One of the biggest concerns that we’ve heard is the fear of getting bulky. What is great about this form of exercise is that you don’t have to worry about getting too bulky, if it isn’t your goal. Lifting weights creates a lean form of muscle, and it is an overall toned look that you wind up with. That’s not to say it’s impossible to bulk up, but that requires some pretty specific focus days that are built around the intentions of bulking up muscle.

While we have spent some time mulling over this topic, these still aren’t all of the reasons that this form of working out is so beneficial. If you are interested in learning more about weightlifting, or even receiving some guidance on best practice and form, stop into Houston Gym and one of our trusted members would be more than happy to help you.