Some days, it’s easy to push yourself to lift another set or run another lap. Other days, it can feel like going to the gym wasn’t even worth it. Staying fit is a mental game first, and at Houston Gym, we understand how motivation can ebb and flow. It’s normal, but it sure can be frustrating! That is why we’re going to use this blog to share the main elements of a great mindset. The concepts we will share play significant roles in the mindset of professional athletes.

Positive Realismdreamstime_xxl_38145631

  • Have you ever noticed how easy it is to dream up amazing goals for yourself … and just as easy to get discouraged when they don’t come true as quickly as you want? The difficulty is, being positive is extremely important, but if you don’t add realism to the mix, you set yourself up for feeling like a failure. Additionally, staying positive all the time simply isn’t realistic, and expecting yourself to do so is a mistake. The key is finding a balance – keeping your eye on the goal and being realistic about how to get there.
  • If you’re facing a challenge, positive realism will allow you to make the most of the situation. One of the most common challenges you’ll face in the gym is pain. If you ignore the pain under the assumption that acknowledging it is negative, you can end up with an injury. Instead, you should back off and realize that you’re doing what is needed to achieve your long term goals. Don’t lose the war just so that you can win a battle

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is easier when you have a healthy mindset. At Houston Gym, we are dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients reach their fitness goals. Don’t miss out!

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