For over 25 years, Houston Gym has been the alternative to big, impersonal fitness centers with staffs of high-pressure salespeople. We’ve built a facility that boasts NEW state-of-the-art equipment, yet retains the casual feel of a neighborhood gym. Simply put, Houston Gym is a place for people who are serious about achieving physical fitness.

Houston Gym is committed to providing our members with the tools they need for an effective, efficient, and enjoyable exercise program. Our knowledgeable, professional counselors take an active role in each member’s individual success, creating an atmosphere of assistance and encouragement.

We understand that beginning a fitness program can be daunting, or even downright scary. When you visit our gym, you will notice that all pretenses are left at the door. Everyone in the room began at the same place you are beginning. It just takes one small step and a commitment every day to improve your overall health and well-being. Houston Gym can be your first step.

Whether you’re interested in weight loss, toning, competitive bodybuilding, or just starting out, Houston Gym is the right place for you.


What do you get when you staff a fitness center with committed, experienced fitness counselors? People who are interested in you even AFTER you join. Every Houston Gym membership comes with three introductory Personal Training sessions and a quarterly body composition evaluation.

Houston Gym is committed to providing our members with the tools they need for an effective, efficient and enjoyable exercise program. That’s led to our well-earned reputation as a fun place to work out. Just ask one of the several competitive bodybuilders who call Houston Gym home!


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Houston Gym is a laid-back, high-energy neighborhood spot with all of the modern equipment and none of the attitude of the large chain gyms. It offers an extensive freeweight facility and has upgraded to LifeFitness Cross-Trainer machines for low-impact cardiovascular workouts. The gym concentrates on all aspects of fitness,from cardiovascular to wieght training. One of the 15 personal trainers on staff will walk you through your first three or four workouts and help you determine your personal fitness goals. Not only is the gym’s attitude relaxed, its payment plan is too — you are only required to sign up for a simple one-year contract.

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Houston Gym Specialties: weight loss, toning, weight training, bodybuilding. Accommodate individual needs.
Unique: Programs based on work-out experience, time constraints, budget and goals. Fun, friendly atmosphere; unrestricted access to the club.

Background: Certified/degreed professionals specializing in programs ranging from weight loss and toning programs to competitive bodybuilding and nutritional programs.

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The most notable equipment addition is the new 12-station state-of-the-art cybex VR2 equipment. This equipment is designed to accommodate users of all sizes and exercise levels, from rehabilitative work to competitive bodybuilding. All staff members have been thoroughly trained on the use of this equipment and will be instructing members old and new on the proper techniques and benefits of these exciting new machines. “This new equipment will enable Houston Gym to tailor-make 30- to 45-minute exercise programs for active Houstonians who want to shed a few pounds, and build and tone their bodies,” says Bobby Arnold, club manager. “Then we always have free weights to add different exercises to routines over time.”

“Over the past seven years, Houston Gym has become a nationally recognized institution with a solid reputation and has attracted a wide range of clientele from absolute beginners to nationally known competitive bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts,” says Johnnie West, Owner. “In addition, we’ve attracted some of Houston’s top personal trainers who can offer our clients an unparalleled level of professional instruction on the use and benefits of exercise and nutrition.”