$9.99/Month Tanning with Membership

At Houston Gym, we are on a mission to meet both your wellness and fitness needs! When you invest time and money into your fitness, a tan can be the perfect way to bring it all together. Tanned skin looks healthy and attractive. However, tanning’s benefits go beyond aesthetics. If you didn’t already know, here are some ways a tanning membership can boost your quality of life!

Get the most from your membership at our fitness and health club!

  • Defend your skin

    • You may think that tanning hurts your skin. However, when done correctly, tanning gives your skin gentle exposure, allowing it to build up defenses for the time you spend outside under the intense Texas sun. If you don’t tan, your skin is far more vulnerable to sunburn and inconsistent exposure.
  • Get vitamin D

    • Keeping your vitamin D intake up can be difficult, especially in the wintertime. We guarantee that if you work in an office all day, your body is struggling for vitamin D, which can lead to weak bones and premature aging. Our tanning membership will give your body the UV rays it needs to produce vitamin D and stay healthy.
  • Stay mentally sharp

    • Keep your motivation and self-esteem running high with the benefits of tanning. It’s a great way to manage seasonal affective disorder and stay motivated all winter. It also stimulates your endorphins and makes you feel good about yourself.

Live your life to the fullest with Houston Gym. Our tanning membership is affordable and offers great benefits. Contact us to learn more today!