Our Trainers

We have a very experienced personal training staff that is dedicated to your success.  That means we will take the time to find a personal trainer who fits you. Your certified personal trainer will tailor training to your unique fitness goals, accelerating you on your path to fitness. We want you to succeed in whatever your fitness goals may be and welcome any suggestions or comments that you may have!


Alex Hernandez has been with Houston Gym since April 2012. He was first certified as a trainer with ISSA in 2001 but is currently certified with NASM. Having lost over 120 lbs while first studying to become a trainer, he seeks to help others achieve their health and fitness goals to the best of his abilities. Alex prioritizes “smart work” over “hard work” and employs record-keeping to make sure his clients are always moving forward.


Reggie Crawford has over eight years experience and holds a personal training certification from NASM, & the following specializations; Corrective Exercise Specialist(CES), Fitness Nutrition Specialist(FNS), & MMA Conditioning Specialist(MMACS). These certifications allow Reggie to work with a full range of clients, beginners and advanced alike. Believing that clients should be “structurally sound,” Reggie addresses muscle imbalances and uses core training to insure his clients are ready for the rigors of working out. Finally Reggie draws on his training from mixed martial arts to offer kickboxing based pad workouts in addition to corrective and traditionally based workouts.


After losing over 75lbs Ashley Kimel decided his calling was to help those who were in the same position as he was before his weight loss. He wants to help others as someone helped him. He is NCCPT certified and is a strict proponent of proper form during all exercises to protect join health and safety. As someone who was once obese, he can understand all too well the struggles of maintain food and exercise health. A proper diet and exercise is not just about losing weight, it is also about living a longer, happier life.

Greg Orendorff has been dedicated to fitness and healthy living for 15+ years, starting with being active in sports at an early age. In high school, Greg noticed he was overweight and lost 80 pounds through proper diet and exercise. During this transition, he discovered that he wanted to help other people facing similar problems, struggling with weight and nutrition; to achieve their fitness goals for a healthier lifestyle and an overall sense of well being. Greg holds a personal training certification from ASFA, enabling him to work with all types of clients and their individual needs. During training, Greg stresses the importance of nutrition, a good fitness routine and proper form to prevent injury.


Certifications/CE/educational background: NASM-CPT. Interests/hobbies/sports: Football, basketball, powerlifting, reading, writing. Specialties/areas of training focus/favored training style (optional): Specialize in strength training with plenty of experience with circuit training, corrective exercise, fat loss, muscle gain, body recomposition


CPR Certified

Interested in bodybuilding and powerlifting. I like all types of training. Especially weight training and cross training for athletic performance and improving body composition. I have been into fitness for over 5 years. I have done several bodybuilding shows as a teen. I believe that fitness is for everyone and it’s only a matter of finding what style of training you like and a reason to get motivated. I value proper form and technique but believe that hard work trumps everything.



AECLogoThe American council on Exercise’s Personal Trainer Certification is designed for trainers providing any form of one-on-one or small-group fitness instruction.

NSCALogoAs the worldwide authority on strength and conditioning, we support and disseminate research-based knowledge and its practical application to improve athletic performance and fitness.

ISSALogoSince 1988, ISSA has provided certification and continuing education for over 80,000 satisfied fitness professionals world wide, who now help those they come in contact with.