Woman working out at home to online fitness class

While people are getting back to everyday life and going out in public more often, you may be considering your options for fitness. Going back to the gym is more common now, but what about the at-home options that are available to you now? Here are Houston Gym’s top five reasons why taking an at-home fitness class might be the right choice for you!


Of course, convenience is at the top of our list! Taking a fitness class from the comfort and convenience of your living room, den, or even backyard can add activity to your daily routine, even if you have a busy schedule. If you work from home, are a stay-at-home parent, or tend to be home during certain times of the day, an at-home Pilates or Zumba class can get you moving during a lunch break or children’s naptime, helping you to keep your active lifestyle without the extra time it takes to get to the gym and back.


If you struggle with going to the gym because of self-confidence or social anxiety, at-home classes are perfect for you! You can get the live action of an in-person class, feedback from your instructor, and real-time tips and tricks, all from the comfort of your home. At Houston Gym, we strive to foster confidence in our facilities, but it makes sense to feel more at ease in your own environment. Focus on learning about fitness, not about the other people you’re working out with by taking a virtual workout class from Houston Gym.

Work Out with Friends

If you want to work out together with friends or family, but not everyone can always meet up at the same time at the gym, at-home fitness classes can be a great solution! Take the same class together or take the same series of classes at different times from the comfort of your own homes to keep one another accountable, discuss the techniques you’ve learned, and workshop any moves you need to work on. Another great way to work out together is to invite your friends over to work out with you during your online fitness class. That way, you’re feeling the burn together without taking an extra trip to the gym!


Of course, one of the most important reasons to take an at-home class is safety. After lockdowns and staying at home off and on for over a year, getting comfortable being around people once again can be an adjustment! If you’re not comfortable being around people outside of your social circle just yet, or are at high-risk, a Zoom fitness class is perfect for staying in shape and keeping up your daily activity level without taking any extra risks. Pandemic aside, you may also feel safer with a virtual fitness class by staying off of the roads if there is inclement weather in your area.

Of course, taking any kind of fitness class is great! At Houston Gym, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to take back your body and get healthy. We always love to see your smiling face in person, but know that sometimes it’s easier to stay home; that’s why we offer an array of fitness classes, from Pilates to Zumba in virtual format so you can stay fit and active on your terms. Sign up for your class today or contact us directly to learn more!